Between Witches & Angles

When witchcraft goes wrong, Hell wants her soul.

Megan Harrison will do anything to help the people she loves, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Even her budding magic can’t stop the man of her dreams from falling off the wagon, nor can she get him to fall in love with her!

Crushed by a painful divorce Jack Munroe only sees Megan as a friend.  Heartbroken, Megan moves to Cornwall for a new job, a witches’ coven and a new man.  She can’t begin to imagine the dangers lying in wait in her new idyllic world.  As her life descends into hellish madness, she longs for just one heavenly moment in Jack’s arms.

To Sum Up ‘A twisting, turning paranormal romance populated by unique and captivating characters.’ The Wishing Shelf REVIEW
 Tracy Traynor, it seems, is a very talented author. This is the second book I have enjoyed by her. The first was Faith in Abertillery which I liked a lot. But this is a verydifferent book. Yes, it’s romance, but there’s also a powerful fantasy element to it which, I felt – being a lover of all things fantasy – helped to make itthe better of the two. So, to begin with, what’s the plot. Here, I always want to shout, ‘Read the blurb!’ But I can sum it up for you in a sentence: Megan is in love with her best pal, Jack, who’s very much a flawed character and drinks too much. Feeling love will never truly blossom with this broken man, Megan (who’s a witch of sorts) sets off to Cornwall to start a new life. There, a dark force threatens to engulf her. Okay, I admit it, that wasn’t a sentence. From the opening – and very powerfully written – first chapter, this is acompelling story. The plot is cleverly constructed, the setting is splendidly described, the pacing is, for the most part, spot on – and the characters! Wow! They deliver BIG TIME! Megan is very sweet, very caring and very, VERY likeable. But it’s Jack who I fell in love with. He’s just so, so, oh, I don’t know – vulnerable, I guess. And so very flawed. I just wanted to cuddle him and tell him everything’s going to be okay. In a way, the book is in two parts. In the first part, it’s very character-led. Then, in the second part, it’splot-led culminating in a gripping ending. So, who will enjoy this book? To behonest, pretty much everybody. Lovers of romance, fantasy adventure and thrillers will find lots in here to enjoy. For me, the best part was the writing style. This author is excellent at giving readers what they want and,if she’s not snapped up by a big publisher soon, it would be a literary crime. Enjoy! A Wishing Shelf Review