Idi & Marcus

In the Prologue we meet the main character of the book, Idi.  A young orphan lad who is mistreated by the village that has begrudgingly brought him up.  With no joy in his life what-so-ever, and nothing more than a beating to look forward to Idi is constantly trying to run away from the village in search of a better life.

Unbeknown to Idi, the Oracles are preventing him from leaving, keeping him where he is until the time comes to send Marcus to find him and rescue him from his empty life.

We meet Marcus in chapter 1 on his seventieth birthday.  He has been looking back over his life and he is disappointed with what he sees.  He always believed that there had been a purpose to his birth, that he was supposed to accomplish some marvelous fete that would be written about in the books of Talia and sung about in the Taverns all over the land.      Into this moment of self-pity Oleanna, an Oracle appears.  The Oracle’s are the creation of the Elements, who use the Oracle’s to speak the future and interpret the past.  If only Marcus could see himself through her eyes how different he would feel about himself.  Oleanna sees the teacher, the wise man, the humble Magician and his unending love for the people of Talia.

Oleanna will send Marcus on  a quest, and that is where this story begins.  Old man and young lad both with an emptiness in their souls will be brought together.  As their friendship grows into a Father-Son love, so will Magic be increased in their lives.  Together they will become the thing that prevents Talia crumbling under the control of Evil.

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